Barofsky: ‘Geithner Admitted To Us Privately That Obama’s Housing Policy Was DESIGNED To Sacrifice Homeowners In Order To “FOAM THE RUNWAY” For The Banks’

  This is a doozey More secrets revealed about Geithners penchant for protecting Wall Street. From a July 24 appearance on MSNBCs Morning Joe, that left the panel stunned in disbelief. I bet Tim wishes he didnt throttle Barofsky that one day Neil wont stop torching the Treasury Secretary, everywhe...

Looking at homeowner eligibility for the $25 Billion DOJ / mortgage settlement

This memo is about the Department of Justice $25 billion dollar settlement with Bank of America Corporation (Countrywide as well) , J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo & Company, Citigroup Inc. and Ally Financial (formerly GMAC) . We have reviewed the Class Action settlement balance reduction calculator wh...

Massachusetts Bank of America Complaint

this is an over view In 2009 BOA took over my mortgage. We sent letters disputing the amount of the loan it was almost 15K higher. (Last company bill was like we owed 86-87K)BOA put us at 103K this started the whole fiasco. I did not pay escrow for tax or insurance. My wife was complaining that the bill was sky high...

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